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See what other people are saying about our Park Village apartments! At Park Village Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Verified Resident

Monica and Prince , Truly were a help . They made you feel very welcomed and gave lots of good advice . Ive been living here for almost 4 months and NOT one single bug / roach , which was my biggest fear when i was on the search for an apartment . I love the maintenance thats always being taken care of every morning ! . I recommend Park Village !


Nice place!!! Good rates, very clean and nice appliances and fixtures. Great location, right next to train and a light traffic area for commuting. Nice park next door and walking distance to Main Street. Staff is friendly and they give out free stuff.


Verified Resident

Monica thank you
Park Village is a great place to live it’s near a great park and the neighbors and staff are great as well


Been here about 2 months now. The apartments on the inside are remodeled. The color scheme is beautiful there are a few things that werent new and they spray painted after finishings were on. This is minor stuff but if you pay attention to detail like me it might be annoying. A huge con is the showers are small. I'm 5'1 and the shower head touched the top of my head. So I have to face the shower head outward and have the water spray at me to wash my hair instead of fall on me. this is even worst for my son who is 5'7 he has to bend his head down to get the top of his head. The complex is clean has a little grass area with a ramada and baggies for your pets mess. It is also quiet with the exception of a few neighbors. Kids play outside together with out an complaints or fights which is is nice Another con is smoking is allowed on the premises. So when people smoke it comes straight in through the windows making my apartment stink and my kids cough. I do wish they would adapt to a smoke free complex like a lot of other complexes do now days. They are pretty quick to get things fixed just have to speak to Monica. Btw She is the best. She knows what she is doing and can pretty much help you with any situation. I'm pretty sure she lives on the office on the weekdays lol. So all in all a few cons but a great place to live. oh and you can't beat the location. across the street from the remodeled pioneer park and you can walk to the light rail. which for the price of the rent is amazing.


Park Village is a great place to live! From the time I moved in to the end of my lease I enjoyed staying there. My neighbors were all great and quiet, my kids loved living next to the park. Monica the manager was the best, she was extremely helpful and super nice. She helped me get my first apartment and through my whole lease she always got back to me on help and questions that I needed. She definitely made the process simple and easy, I would definitely recommend living there.


Park village is genuinely a great environment! From the office staff, maintenance, and places around the apartments! Monica and Michelle have always made my experience *extremely* great and they are always there for me when I need assistance, have questions, and overall! Monica and Michelle have amazing customer service during every interaction! They are both effective and efficient. I definitely recommend these apartments if you are looking for your next place to call home. The park has events all of the time, almost every weekend, from food trucks to farmers markets, and most of all, they are pet friendly! 20/10 recommend!



This place gave us the opportunity to start our little family, we came here needing a roof over our head and instead we found a great home. Monica not only help us get into the place but made the process so easy and we feel in love with not just her but the whole staff and the whole place!! I couldn’t thank her and everyone her enough for the opportunity that was given to us. Monica is great with our child and my lady also has made living here enjoyable so for her and everyone of the staff here we love you all!!


Monica is AWESOME! I moved in to Park Village last year and I absolutely LOVE it here! The property is always clean, it's quiet and the staff is amazing. Every time I step in the office I'm always greeted by Monica with a big smile! I'm disgusted with some of the negative reviews i've read about this place because they are all LIES! Trust me i live here and love it. There are no bugs in my building, repair requests always get done that day. Monica is very honest and fair with everyone. I'm renewing my lease because of Monica and the staff!


Nice place to live in great staff working to make your life more comfortable i appreciate it a lot this people are wonderful everything it's close by too.

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