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See what other people are saying about our Park Village apartments! At Park Village Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Monica and Brenda were so helpful with the move-in process. They really are the best!!


I have no bad experiences living here at Park Village Apartments. Monica & Brenda are the best, moving from California to Arizona this was my first place I applied for and living here has been a pleasent experience.


This is my first year here and the previous managers lack of control over the living community and lack of addressing serious issues I was determined to not extend my time here.However the new manager Monica is amazing. She has put forth a lot of hard work and effort in turning the apartment community around.Unlike before you can actually get either Monica or Brenda to answer the phones promptly and address any needs or concerns in a caring and timely manner. Having Monica and Brenda here you can quickly see the changes for the better! GREAT JOB LADIES!


I love this place. Monica and Brenda are awesome 🙂 They’ve been so helpful and super friendly with everything. Making my move in process super easy for me. I’m definitely recommending Park Village to my friends. The neighborhood is great and close to the park and light rail. Great location 🤗 Thank you girls so much for helping me with my move in. God bless ☺️🙏🏼


We have been here 2 years. I like the fact that we are close to newly redone park which my dog loves.the apt is nice and big. My only issues are there are few loud weird neighbors but Monica is a sweeheart and cleaning house. Maintaainance guys are sweet. I do have few things I think they forgot but a reminder they will get it done. All in all we have had a good experience here.


Jorge was in charge of the administration during the time I lived there. All service request was delivery in proper time.


I was considering moving but since Andrea got here she has totally turned this place around. I couldn't imagine Park Village without her here. She has made it a safe place for me to call home. Also Juan has been a big part of keeping this place running well. He is always smiling and working so hard. They have a great staff altogether.


We are 8 home owners that have been trying to clean up our neighborhood for 17 months ,heroine has been the major issue with one known dealer in this apartment complex .We all were dealing with the other gentleman manager and he was renting to anyone. When Andrea Robidoux came in she cleaned up the RIFF RAFF in no time and really did what we had been working at for months. Thank you Andrea for everything!!!!!!


wow andrea has changed this place for the best unfortunately i have to move .. i wish i could take her with me


Great office manager. She's always been fun to go talk to and joke around with. She is still professional and very to the point. She helped us out when we needed a place to stay. The apartment we got was renovated and looked nice. She explained everything in the lease so there was no questions. Although if we had one we knew all we had to do was ask. My and my significant other have been happy in the apartment and things are great.

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