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See what other people are saying about our Park Village apartments! At Park Village Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. These Park Village reviews will show you why our Mesa, AZ apartments are a cut above the rest.


I was considering moving but since Andrea got here she has totally turned this place around. I couldn't imagine Park Village without her here. She has made it a safe place for me to call home. Also Juan has been a big part of keeping this place running well. He is always smiling and working so hard. They have a great staff altogether.


We are 8 home owners that have been trying to clean up our neighborhood for 17 months ,heroine has been the major issue with one known dealer in this apartment complex .We all were dealing with the other gentleman manager and he was renting to anyone. When Andrea Robidoux came in she cleaned up the RIFF RAFF in no time and really did what we had been working at for months. Thank you Andrea for everything!!!!!!


wow andrea has changed this place for the best unfortunately i have to move .. i wish i could take her with me


Great office manager. She's always been fun to go talk to and joke around with. She is still professional and very to the point. She helped us out when we needed a place to stay. The apartment we got was renovated and looked nice. She explained everything in the lease so there was no questions. Although if we had one we knew all we had to do was ask. My and my significant other have been happy in the apartment and things are great.


They allow people to live there with vouchers and the vouchers clearly state no live-ins but if your cool with Andrea she won't say anything or even put them on lease. Even let you not pay electric cause it's allocated to the other tenants


I haven't been here long but I love the wood floors. The staff is very friendly actually care for their tenants and property, Andrea the manager is easy to talk to with her door always open!. I haven't had any problems and my neighbors are nice.


These apartments have really cleaned up Andrea rubidox is a wonderful manager the grounds are clean the maintenance is on time the pool is clean just all-around friendly homie feeling I love my townhome very spacious and big dog friendly


the lady in the office is an angel shes very kind and flexible and the pool gets cleaned everyday


the lady in the office is an angel shes very kind and flexible and the pool gets cleaned everyday


I have lived at this apartments for a 1 1/2 and the time I have been here it was rough the surroundings were terrible then we were told that the property was going under new management and she has changed this apartments like no other so it's only getting better and better. Process to fix a bad area takes time and she s doing it. I would tell anyone about this place to anyone. -raeleen

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